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Fields of Caribbean staghorn corals discovered off Florida coast

In another bit of good news to start off the new year, it was recently announced that a huge field of Caribbean staghorn coral was discovered right off of the coast of South Florida. The Caribbean staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, is a protected species which has...

Invasive Lionfish, Alive Alive Oh!

Here is fish that everyone wants to put on the endangered species list, at least in the waters of South Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Marine aquarium keepers can do their part, says one livestock dealer, by supporting the capture and sale of live Pterois spp. lionfish taken from tropical Atlantic waters.

Flashy Silver Captivebred Lookdowns Coming

The Lookdown, Selene vomer, is one of only a few iconic “big ocean” marine species that are sometimes kept in home aquariums. Unlike the typical “reef fish” appearance with gaudy colors and intricate patterns, Lookdowns present a truly singular vision: a wafer-thin laterally-compressed body with mirror-like and highly reflective tiny silver scales…

Pass the Lionfish Nachos: REEF Publishes New Cookbook

Even as new sightings of Pterois spp. lionfishes are coming in from such far-flung places as Alabama, Belize, the Florida Keys, and the Dutch Antilles, a Key Largo-based coral reef education group has released a new Lionfish Cookbook with the motto of “Eat ’em to beat ’em!”

Tank-Raised Tangs & Triggers Become a Reality

On any given day you can find between 135,000 and 165,000 animals—species that are decidedly not indigenous to the American southeast—nestled between Carl’s Home Center and the now-defunct Franklin Super Market on West Old Andrew Johnson Highway in downtown Jefferson City, Tennessee.

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