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Whether your dream aquarium system is 50 gallons or 5000 gallons, Aquatic Perfection has the skills and experience to make it a reality. We believe in using technology and design techniques to offer breath-taking displays with state of the art life support systems. Our attention to detail guarantees the long term beauty and success of your aquarium.

Imagine gazing into a window that offers a breathtaking view into an underwater world full marine life. Our custom designed aquariums are exclusively tailored to your personal style. An underwater collection of sea life is designed to fulfill your every desire. We are ready to meet your needs whether you want a small stand-alone, or a built-in wall-to-wall high-end aquarium display for your business or residence. Specialty setups are one of our main strengths, giving you an opportunity to be as creative as you wish.

At Aquatic Perfection, we present you with a range of exotic aquarium ideas, so whether you wish to have your aquarium built into your wall or floor, or have a standing marine, reef, jellyfish, or freshwater aquarium, you can take pleasure in your fascination with the sea.

Our Design Services range from consultation and advice to the complete management and implementation of any size aquatic project.  Our success, centers around the close working relationships that we develop with many home & business owners, custom home builders, design architects, interior decorators, and general contractors. We work one-on-one with our clients to establish their vision for their aquarium as well as their expectations and work to exceed these expectations.

We provide our clients with professional, yet creative aquatic advice during the design process of their projects.  Our experience is based on numerous years of first-hand experience.  Over the years we have developed a strong design and artistic sense which results in a balance between the internal live habitat and the external surrounding architecture.  We like to think that the result of these unique aspects, results in what we call Living Art.

Along with many custom design services, we provide sales and installation of all sizes of aquatic habitats ranging from 50 gallons and beyond…

If you have ideas that need development or have an exact spot in the office or home that you would like to fill with water, we can help create some Living Art for that perfect spot. Our sales staff can schedule a consultation at your home or office and go over numerous options that are available in today’s diverse and creative aquatic industry.

Our friendly and knowledgeable installation staff has numerous years of experience and will make any project implementation run as smooth as possible.  We are bonded, insured and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

salt water aquarium with natural coral decorations

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