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Fireplace AquariumFounded in 1995, Aquatic Perfection has been San Diego County’s premier full service aquatic firm, specializing in the custom design, quality installation, and professional and dependable aquarium management of luxury freshwater and marine aquarium systems.

We provide our clients with the highest levels of technical and artistic expertise as well as unsurpassed customer service and professionalism. Our professional staff are experts in aquarium fish and reef care, while exemplifying patience and passion for the industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience working with fresh water, salt water and reef aquariums, allows us to provide you with a unique and beautiful aquascape that will satisfy the needs of both the aquarium’s owner and its inhabitants. Through our commitment, expertise and reliability, Aquatic Perfection has built a respectable reputation as one of Southern California’s leaders in aquatic care. At Aquatic Perfection it is our intention to always exceed your expectations. Our most common response from clients, once we finish their aquarium is, “I had no idea it would look this great.” We offer superb customer service and support well after the initial sale and will continue to provide aquarium maintenance and support to you for the lifetime of your installation.

We specialize in providing Professional Aquatic Management Services for your home, office, and retail aquarium settings tailored to your individual needs. Whether you desire a freshwater, marine or saltwater reef aquarium, Aquatic Perfection has the knowledge, and resources to ensure your aquarium is expertly designed and installed with meticulous care for detail.


Aquarium Display Management and Services

Assasi TriggerWe make aquarium environments THRIVE not just survive…

Aquatic Perfection has built its reputation on quality products and services. In the aquarium business, customer service is everything! Maintaining a healthy aquarium requires a diligent commitment to regularly scheduled maintenance. Aquariums achieve their balance and beauty through regular care and proper maintenance. This specialized care is what our staff at Aquatic Perfection is trained to do. Maintenance personnel are dependable, knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. The goal is to make aquarium ownership completely worry-free and truly enjoyable.


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